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  1. Do the atoms that make up a person's body have memory after the person dies? I'm thinking that the advancement in technology associated with wars is related to the fact most of the matter used in tools of society came from the elements of a person's body. The properties related to "new" discoveries in chemistry and physics are related to the frequency of time overlapping with the frequency of elemental "energy= life force". The magic and sorcery of yesterday is today's technology...

    electrons = can overlap in time
    protons = decay in matter
    neutrons = expand in matter

    yesterday's dead are today's gods of the world...

    Does matter define life? as in the universe will get to absolute zero in time, and matter can not exist in absolute zero...
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    No. Take your meds today. Its Wednesday, Wednesday is painful enough.
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  3. and I'm sure you have them in your medicine cabinet next to the sunblock lotion...I recommend you use the sunblock so you won't burn and the "meds" so you understand what I'm talking about primitive ape...
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    Ya know I don't know about all that transcendental atom stuff as it may or may not relate to some kind of spiritual immortality...
    But regarding military tech being based on the here and now physical world..... it never ceases to amaze me that when I water the flowers or the garden, how the various flying insects like bee's and the little yellow-jacket looking things that are kind enough to come by and pollinate everything... how those little f'rs can fly their way through me pointing a hose with a sprayer nozzle and 60PSI and plenty of volume behind it... how those damn things can fly through that and not get a friggin' drop on them.

    I used an I-Phone a few years back with the best camera and filmed it at whatever the setting was for the most frames/sec.They don't get hit.

    You make a fighter jet like that... like a common bee or house-fly.... you'll be on to something bro.
    Of course you'll have to re-invent the g-suit unless you make it a drone.
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  5. As it goes the birds the bees, the trees and the flowers, the bees tell of the prophecy of the book, Men can listen to the spirit of life or choose the way of the world...planes, trains & automobiles...the flames ash, of dust ye came from, to dust ye shall return, a matter of fact, don't let the calcium in your bones let you forget the irony of life and flower named paradox...
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    Considered the atoms you forgot to take and all though. Well at least we are over Wednesday eh?

  7. I see that you took a snapshot of one of your meds, I recommend you pop one every Wednesday so it won't be so bad, the pharma in your cabinet is not the one screwing with the biochemistry of your mind, it's the way you're thinking that's humping you on hump day, humping a loose slut my help your mind and body... sluts have helped me see the ass of society in a different light...well for the atoms, they tend to come and go as they please, but I try to stay away from the ones that don't like me...
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    I hear a green glass bottle of water next to the bed can be soothing.
  9. That’s deep, bro. Lucky I didn’t step in it.
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  10. I'm sure you will at some point...
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