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What is the difference between and

  1. They're both dodgy

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  2. It's complicated

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  1. Can someone explain the difference between and please?
    Aren't they both crypto?
    I'm new to this, and getting confused quickly
  2. gaussian


    Website is blowing up all my pre-click malware scans. High probability this is a drive by download attack.

    DO NOT CLICK. Please report the post.
  3. Which website?
  4. bilbo64


    dot org is the one. They seem to run a ponzi scheme. Stay away.

    Since they happen to share the name “ coinexx” with the dot com guys hence the confusion

    Dot com is the crypto broker. Legit have test/ traded and never had a similar issue

    But in the beginning i was also as confused about both the websites, whether they are related or not. But one is a scam (dot org) and other one is decent crypto based broker (dot com). And they are not related.
  5. Appreciate the information, thank you.
  6. Bethany


  7. Cheers, everyone. We've just discovered the hard way...
    Back to the drawing board :-/