O'Reilly Bitch Slaps Barney Frank

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OldTrader, Oct 3, 2008.

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  2. So being a crude, impolite, gutter type person is ok? This is not an interview this is Jerry Springer without yo mama.

    It is unfortunate that it is impossible for only republicans to suffer during misguided administrations. As bad as King George's administration was 4 years of McCain will be like 16 years of Bush. The "maverick" will bankrupt the country and potentially get us into a nuclear war with Russia and or China.
  3. So this offended your sensibilities? Maybe you should feel some outrage over the lack of oversight eh? Maybe if a few of these assholes were called out once in a while, they'd be a little more cautious with their powers. Frank deserved everything he got. He should be kicked out of Congress with dishonor.

  4. O'Reilly wins. Though certainly not on style. Even for Pabst he was obnoxious. But O'Reilly plays an important albeit rare role in the MSM. Conservative populist. One can substitute reactionary in there too. O'Reilly exposed Frank to mainstream America as the guy with ultimate Congressional oversight-the man who could ask to see the books-the man who took no action in a 90% decline in share price. Also, we'll now need an independent investigation asking if the Chair or members of the committee withheld information from the SEC. If they were privy to stuff and just let it go than Franks comment on "solid" LT buy will come under increased scrutiny.
  5. As i recall Frank began by saying O'Reilly was lying. Don't expect kid gloves treatment after that. Frank is up to his ears in FNM and doesn't like having it pointed out. Why republicans are not able to get this across to voters is beyond me.
  6. Lucrum


    Agreed, and I think Palin should have brought it up last night.
  7. I don't care for Bill, but it's about time somebody strangled this prick.

    It's always somebody elses' fault, and he either 'doesn't have power' , which is what he told me, or he has a boil on his ass, or his cat's up a tree.

    A reporter told me he has a big gay constituency on Cape Cod that keeps him in power. He's got to go.
  8. GabbyJay


    barney frank is an open homo.
  9. a long time ago his boyfriend was running a gay escort service out of his taxpayer funded DC apartment.

    He never was reprimanded for it.


  10. cuz69


    Way to go Bill, Frank is a sack of shit, and it is about time someone pointed it out. As far as OReilly he is a fair reporter, but like the other poster said, Frank accused him of lying after it was read and played on video.

    Frank deserved what he got.

    As far as Palin, I agree with you and it would have been nice, but as she clearly stated she is only around for 5 weeks, and had she mentioned it, it could have backfired on her and the campaign, because she is not up to date on certain issues.

    There are so many issues she could have called Biden on, but sometimes it's better not to say anything if you can't back it up with facts even if you know the other side is wrong. IMO
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