Oregon traders

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by wrongway, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. wrongway


    Any traders residing in Oregon??
  2. rickty


    Portland here. You?
  3. I'm in portland :)
  4. rickty


    Hi sulong,

    We should get together with wrongway (with whom I have PM'ed) and anyone else who might be interested. Almost any weekend is fine with me.

  5. guys get together.......

  6. Andre


    I'm down in Corvallis.
  7. The weekend with 02/14/04 (Saturday ) in it is the only time in the near future, that I would NOT be able to make it

  8. opm8


    Milwaukie, actually but who's counting?

    I can get together almost any weekend as long as there's a couple of days warning.

    We had a trader's meeting at the Heathman hotel last year about this time but that didn't really go so great, imo.

  9. I was not there, and have never been to one, but what, in your opinion made it not so great?
    What do you think could make a "trader's meeting " better?
    I'm looking forward to attending.
  10. I was there. It was OK, but unstructured. We just each chatted about our own trading.

    I enjoyed it, but it was pretty unproductive from my perspective as most were systems traders, where I am not (I do have a methodolgy though).

    #10     Jan 21, 2004