Oregon Player Throws Punch!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Landis82, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Not justified IMHO, BUT that white kid did push him on the shoulder first to talk trash (not too bright with your helmet off). Isn't that also assault of a kind?
  2. you can take a man out of the ghetto but you cant...............
  3. Hate the game not the playa...

    Buckwheat threw a great punch which sent a tooth flying and whitey into dreamland. Best football since LT snapped bunghole Theisman's leg like a twig.
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    I do hate the game. Basketball at the pro level has gotten down to the college level which is too bad. A bunch of dumbshit criminals. Gimme, da bal, gimme da ball! And then they shoot. Minimal team work, and lots of shoving, traveling, and piss ass attitude. And minimal education, with the exception of a few schools. The NFL needs to bust the nuts of the clowns they have before they turn completely into the NBA. NCAA needs to show some balls and crack heads more with severe penalties. The way the NCAA is now they should be shelling out some profits to the kids in more than just scholarship money.
  5. It will NEVER happen to the University of Oregon and Uncle Phil. If you think that the NCAA is going to bite the hand that "feeds" them, you are in Fantasy land.
  6. Damn crazy vid man, guy looks out of control.
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    The POS was mouthing off all week and the guy gave a little back, and the pussy couldn't take it. Got the guy when he was looking away too. They aren't going to pull his scholarship. They should have kicked his ass during the week for mouthing off and told him he was done. Only regret here is that the kid he hit didn't get up and take his pussy head off.
  8. Blount has issues and deserved the punishment, especially since the team had already given him a second chance, but that guy from Boise deserved to get knocked on his butt. Who in their right mind puts their hands on a player, antagonizes him in front of everybody and THEN turns his back as if what he just did was just another way of shaking hands? How dense is this kid? Did I mention he wasn't wearing his helmet, either?