Oregon Liberals Scare The Crap Out Of Teachers With Unannounced Shooting Drill

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  1. pspr


    Liberals are stupid and insensitive. And they think this is a good idea.

    Teachers were shocked and caught off guard when an Oregon school held a school shooting drill.

    The Oregonian reports Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway held the drill last Friday as children were home for an in-service day. Two masked “gunmen” burst into a meeting room holding 15 teachers firing blanks. Teachers only realized it wasn’t a real shooting when none of them were bleeding.

    “There was some commotion,” school principal Cammie DeCastro told The Oregonian.

    Teachers were frightened about what happened.

    “I’ll tell you, the whole situation was horrible,” Morgan Gover told the paper. “I got a couple in the front and a couple in the back.”

    The school held the unplanned drill in hopes to better educate teachers on how to deal with a school shooting. Of the 15 teachers in the room, only two would have survived.

    “I’m in charge of a pile of kids,” Gover told The Oregonian. “It made me analyze as a teacher what my role is for these babies.”

    The drill has been criticized but the school has dismissed the criticism.

  2. Lucrum


    We did fire drills when I was in school.
  3. Really stupid idea.

    What if one of the teachers was carrying and dropped the two "intruders" dead in their tracks?

    This kind of mock attack also conditions people to think a real attack is a drill.

    Training is essential, but i don't think this is the way to do it.
  4. pspr


    Did they shoot blanks at you?
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Or what if one of them had a heart attack?

    My guess is that they were told something like this was going to take place, even though it was "unannounced".
  6. pspr


    I was thinking that too, but this is Oregon.

    Though, one of the teacher could have grabbed a flag pole or something and impaled one of the shooters or smashed their head in with a bat.

    Of course, I'm assuming they still allow the American Flag to be flown in classrooms these days and that they let the kids play baseball with real balls and bats.
  7. Arnie


    That is so beyond stupid. Imagine if some of the teachers had been armed? Of course it was done in a liberal state, so they really had nothing to worry about. Likewise, a real shooter would also not have to worry about armed teachers.

    You know the one thing that all of these shootings have in common?

    They are ALL done by currently failing or recently dismissed college students.
  8. All a ruse... to highlight the POTENTIAL of some whack job shooting up a classroom and therefore justifying gun confiscation for all.

    They should be ashamed. (SHOULD be, but of course they're not.)

  9. Lucrum


    Anyone have a photo of the genius who came up with this idea?
  10. Imo, Oregon is a weird state. That state seems like it is under the radar but as I peruse the various news they come up with some whack stuff.

    One particular item I traced to the liberals in Sweden, who knows.. maybe more of their brainy ideas come from sociologists from across the sea.
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