Orders often get canceled on IB for being too small -- solution?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by pilPopr, May 30, 2011.

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    I could really use a supplemental market screener that will filter out contracts that have a high minimum order.

    E.g., If you place an order to buy $1000 USD worth of Hitachi Ltd. stock on the Tokyo exchange, the order will be canceled because the exchange has a min. order of 1000 shares of that particular stock. This is the case for most stocks on the japanese markets. It's very frustrating for small investors, because IB gives no way of filtering, and worse, the order may sit for a couple days before it's canceled due to size.

    Odd lot orders are also unpredictable (hit or miss) on the LSE. I know it's possible to manually check each stock on the LSE website to see the "Market Exchange Size", but this is very tedious on a per contract basis.

    The IB "mkt scanner" is feature poor, and quite useless when I'm not subscribed to premium realtime market data.

    When I have X amount of some type of currency to play with, what tool or website can tell me what I can buy with it?
  2. http://bit.ly/lZfh4G
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