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  1. Lets say a stock gaps up and prints...30 cents higher
    I would like to know the kind of order that the specialist got that caused the stock to gap like that...I am assuming the order was a spray order or a limit sweep through...which basiclly means someone comes in and tells the specialist i want to take everything in your limit book up to a certain price...(but im only guessing) ....Is there a way that i can find out? once the trade is made...isnt it public information???? Where can i find out?
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    I think the only information you'll see is the size of the print on the T&S. I doubt that there's any way to tell who or how they did the order. You *might* be able to get the firm that it went through, but I suspect no more.

    I know of traders that have accidentally sent large orders into very thin markets (sometimes on a market order). Naturally, these clean out the book and then some, so the print comes out quite a ways from the market. Unless you have access to anothers account, there's no way to see it.

    I'm still speculating here, but if a large institution placed an order that moved the market significantly, I'd expect any public information about who and how that order went in would create a lot of scrutiny in some of the public funds. It seems that the exchanges would want very much to make this sort of information inaccessible.
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    There is no specific order type. If an order for size hits the market there may be an order imbalance and the specialist will raise (lower) the price to a point where supply can meet demand (and to reduce their risk if they are taking a big piece of the other side). So if the market is say 25.05 at 25.07 and someone sends in a bid to buy 1 million shares at 25.35, they'll probably end up taking out the entire book up to 25.35.