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  1. Hi All,

    Please forgive me for asking a dumb question, but I'm fairly new to this game.

    What type of order should I use if I want to enter a trade immediately but limit the max/min price that the order can be executed at?

    Just as a very basic example, an instrument's spread is 100 - 101 and I want to enter long. However, the price is moving like a rocket and the spread is changing enormously. I have done my calculations and, taking into account my stop price, I have worked out that I can stay within my risk management tolerances as long as I get a fill at less than or equal to 104.

    Up until now I have been using market orders but sometimes I have been getting fills at prices which mean I have busted my risk tolerances.

    Gut instinct tells me I should be using some sort of a limit order with the limit price above the currently trading price.

    What strategy should I use to get into the market immediately but limit the max/min price at which I can get filled?

    Thanks in advance
  2. wenzi


    Limit Order
  3. Thanks very much.

    That's what I thought but my spread betting company won't allow me to place a buy limit order when the limit price is above the current price (and vice versa for sell orders).

    Is this a case of me having the right idea all along and my spread betting company just not supporting the order type I need to use?

    Certainly sounds like it.
  4. Shagi


    If you use a Buy limit order it must be below the market, and run the risk of not getting a fill if market keeps on going up

    If want order above market use a Stop Limit order so if price is 100 - Put Stop at say 101 and Limit at 104. You can also miss the move if market gaps your order. No guarantees there