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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bronks, Apr 23, 2002.

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    I'm looking for a condensed version of a keyboard specifically designed (or perhaps could be programmed) for order entry. I realize I could set up hot keys but this is not what I want. My typing skills are highly suspect as even locating the spacebar often turns into an adventure for me.
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    Well, I'll give this one more try. Any takers?
  3. Why don't you try one of those little laptop USB keypads? They're less than $100 and are very small, typically just the size of the keypad on regular keyboards. I think IBM makes the more popular ones. Generics would be cheaper, though.

    I assume you don't need too many keys, if all you are doing is sending orders.
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    Yeah. The whole purpose is eliminate all the unnecessary keys. Sort of like having one-touch dialing for orders. I thought I saw something like on a CNBC commercial (the one with the traders), but I'm not a prop. trader so I don't know.
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  6. i bought pc dash 2 from saitek (www.saitek.com) about 1 year ago.
    ok guys, i admit i made a mistake, i wasnt paying attention if it´s compatible with win2k....but hey, i thought no big deal as i was convinced they would release drivers and the programming software later with the release of msfts winXP (i remember the saitek-support-guy was tellin me sth like that...).
    guess what - win2k drivers have been released 03/12/2002 (!) only 6 months late. but the very best is, that these bastards (i really wonder what they´re doing ?!?!?!?!?!) werent able to update the programming software for pc dash2, so that you only can use the presets which are sth like open browser, open excel, close window etc....so pretty usefule for me as a daytrader with an i-touch keyboard......

    never buy a saitek thang...!