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  1. Hey. :)
    What order/strategies management and execution do you use to assist you in daytrading?
    I'm talking about application like IB BookTrader and ChartTrader which allows us to place our orders quick and fast, and allow us to preset different strategies (eg variable trailing stop approach) and the software will help me to do it all.
    However they are rather limited. I would like to find other powerful trading software (which can interact with IB).

    I would like to place my orders through charts and order books.
    What trading software do you recommend?

    Comment on your choice, if possible.
    List as many as possible so I can pick my best choice.

    Thank you. :D
  2. Thanks, spent me a few days of research.

    It appears it's the only order/trade management available to IB.

    I couldn't find any substitute.

    Monopoly?! :p
  3. Any more, or just so few options?
  4. I am wondering if I could do this by myself, probably via API Excel.

    What I want is just a few simple combinations of orders or strategies. For example:
    - one click to send buy/sell stop limit (attached by trailing stop limit) [the values are set according to what price I press in booktrader]
    - one click to send preset stop trailing limit (with more than 1 adjustment) [the values are set according to what price I press in booktrader]

    Currently I couldn't do so in TWS due to its constraints and bugs.

    I don't know much about programming (eg VB, C++, Java, Macro). I'm not sure if it is too difficult or too time-consuming to achieve.
  5. It would be best if you get Buttontrader.
    There are also cheaper alternatives, like Zeroline Trader, Bracker Trader, but they are either less flexible or reliable than BT. Also, support by the BT team is better than best.

  6. I think what I need is the Lite version, or standard version? :confused:

    What do you mean by less reliable for "Zeroline Trader, Bracker Trader"? Unstable/buggy? Crashing?

    A quick look.
    Bracket Trader is a free tool. Good addition! Might come into handy.

    Zeroline Trader appears to be rated highly, althought there are only 7 people who vote.
    The price is cheap. $89/year.

    I would like to hear more opinions on these products.
  7. Apparently Investor R/T has some strategy run capabilities with NinjaTrader............

    "NinjaTrader Trading Order Enhancements
    Incremental improvements to Investor/RT-NinjaTrader interoperation continue to be made. See item #21 of the Version 8.3 What's New for details of 8.3 released improvements in this area. The latest improvements have to do with submitting Change Order commands to NinjaTrader. These trading order setups now allow an order quantity of zero, which NinjaTrader interprets as "no change" to the quantity of the order being revised. Most trading orders submitted to NinjaTrader are now followed within a few seconds with an automatic check of market position and order status. These checks record messages to the Message Log showing the status of every order and the position status of the instrument that was the subject of the submitted trading order. If NinjaTrader responds with a position size for some symbol, Investor/RT will records the TR_FILL and TR_POS tokens with the returned values. These values can be displayed in chart annotations, or in a quotepage. The user may also elect to send "Get Order Status", "Get Market Position", and "Get Strategy Position" trading orders to NinjaTrader using any of the techniques available for executing (sending) trading orders."


    Anyone here using this set-up???
  8. From the rating section:
    What is AT?
  9. I couldn't try Ninjatrader since I even can't install it. See the screenshot.

    <img src="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1196933" border="0" alt="ninja install error"></a>

    Does anyone encounter the same problem?
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