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    I have a question concerning order routing from Europe (let's say Vienna) to USA (Chicago).

    According my research, the fastest possibility using fiber network would be 42 ms, sent from London (http://www.quanthouse.com/website/Products-Services/connectivity.html).

    But better way to minimize time latency is to use Proximity solutions. That means to place ATS in hosting centers situated near the traded exchange. This solution provide mostly Single Digit Round Trip Delay (1-9 ms) to most relevant exchanges in the world. (http://www.radianz.com/public/default.asp?pg=90)

    My question is: are there some other possibilities / technologies to minimize time latency concerning order routing? Without necessity of using Proximity solution?

    Thanks for your hints.

    Regards Giuseppe
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    Dear Sir

    1.But how you will eliminate delay in USA internal ?
    Through different server ?

    2. Was stated ,that Xtrader pro have 0 delay ,but it must be payed extra some 1000 $ per month
    Was stated that Xtrader have delay atleast 100 millisec

    Was promouted stock platform with server near exchange
    -Genesys ,but this alsov must be payed some 200$ per month ...

    Your respectfully