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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Ripley, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. I am looking for a cheap broker without having to "Confirm Order" each time I place an order.

    Looking for, you just click and the order is executed.

    TT's X-Trader is an option, as well as CQG's Chart Trader

    But with $500 etc for platform fees for a month, it is quite expensive.

    Anyone here have better options for a scalping platform that isn't quite that expensive.
  2. Truff


    CQG is losing their fast click capability in the next version. They have been warning baout it for weeks. I use Trademaven through ProActive Futures and in the new version, fast click is back. they settled their patent infringement suit with TT. Great product
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    For manual order entry, I really like TradeMaven as well. I was introduced to it by eFloorTrade. Commission rate is fair for volume traders.

    I don't use TradeMaven. Have only demoed the product. I use auto execution for my systems.
  4. What are the monthly expenses for Trademaven?
  5. Truff


    It's a flat $49.95 per month for the standard version which is really all you need

  6. Most borkers/clearing houses don't support Trademaven.

    Maybe they don't support it because it is very hard to scalp with Trademaven, and that would also consequently be the reason why most scalpers swear by X-trader.
  7. milstar


    Dear Sir

    Atleast today demo version of openecry give possibility
    to shutdown all confirmations.

    Another advantage of Openecry against TM 3.1.7 from author point of view ,that by placing order/cursor movement to volume columnn of bid or ask/ volume would not headed as by
    TM 3.1.7

    Openecry have only 1.55 mb to download against 8.4 mb
    of TM 3.1.7 .Tm was morespeedy by test with ESignal
    against OECD of Openecry ,but in real account you can order
    Esignal for Openecry .
  8. trademaven works excellent with transact futures and if xtrader was not around this would be my only platform.

    i only use xtrader with systems that i trade with large positions and a system that needs crack execution speed {a scalp system}---------trademaven would probably work fine for these also, but i have come to love xtrader {has been as reliable as a lexus} with the program api capabilities for automated HFT.

    all hand trading can easily and reliably be done through transact/trademaven----------you can also now trade off the trademaven charting----------- http://www.tmdownloads.com/manual3/video_folder/TMV/TradeMaven Videos.html
  9. IB has one click order entry with its BookTrader and no platform fees.
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