Order of difficulty Forex-Futures-Stocks, who what where and when

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  1. FX is an animal, FX is so liquid (assuming your broker isn't bucketshop) it moves like pressurized water bursting everywhere. Trading FX is very lucrative assuming you know what you are doing.

    Futures are milder for sure. If FX is a rabid squirrel, than futures are like baby squirrel. Futures move slower, they move less, they are less liquid, plenty money can be made with futures, but you have to be very creative.

    Stocks are stupid, stocks are slow, stocks don't give you high margin, stocks will always under perform, You gotta be already rich to make a lot of money trading stocks. Stocks are so stupid simple to trade, it ain't funny. Least money made. you take 10 stocks and diversify and its like trading for dummies super easy.

    and last but not least, my msg is I am not asking I am telling. I am not looking for people to say how I am wrong.

    thank you
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  4. I see our multi-aliaser is back once again...
  5. Stocks are stupid, but there are some crazy moves that happen with micro-cap stocks. plenty of poor people retire overnight when some shit ass mineral exploration company finds something.