order mistakes & validation

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by syswizard, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. In the platform I'm using, the interface for entering OCO orders can be a bit clumsy....I end-up making a duplicate of the first order, and then modifying it. I wanted to put in a profit-taking order below my entry price (I was short) and a stop-loss order above it, but because I forgot to change the profit taking order to a limit order, it got executed immediately.
    I complained to the vendor about the lack of validation for these non-sensical orders, but they just shrugged.
    Do other order-entry platforms "catch" these mistakes and show a dialog / warning box before sending the order ?
    It seems like a very simple piece of logic to accomplish this, no ?
  2. What broker are you using? I just posted a thread about the infinity platform catching erroneous errors. Its pretty grand.
  3. Thinkorswim.com. I'm getting better at this, but their platform is not really optimized for futures trading....mostly slower frequency trading with options.
    The problem is keeping your stops and limits from getting mixed-up when placing bracket orders. It would be much easier if they could just SAVE a frequently used order so that the "template" of the ticket is already configured: Sell limit @ xxxx, buy stop above xxxx, buy limit below xxxx.
  4. Those 3.50 per side commissions will eat you alive, plus the margin requirements are what most brokers charge for "overnight" positions. I think the only reason they offer futures is if you want to hedge index options. Thats just my opinion, though.
  5. I'm looking at both Infinity as well as Velocity futures....any recommendations ?
    BTW: Nice website....and your operation is in the Philly area ?