Order Management with Amibroker ?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by assamese, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. assamese



    I use Amibroker extensively with Amibroker-IB broker-interface....however, IB does not provide fine-grained order-management.

    For example, after placing an order, I want to keep monitoring market data, recalculate my tech indicators & modify/cancel the (already submitted) orders.

    Other desirable features would be:
    - order slicing & ability to modify the slices
    - square-off all open positions (depending on tech indicators)
    - cancel all pending orders (depending on tech indicators)
    ....and, many more, you get my drift.

    The question is:
    Is there a Trade management platform (not IB) that can be accessed via an API? I am an experienced programmer, so, I can handle the programming...and, I can hook it up with my Amibroker as well.

    Willing to share my code/product/results with people who can show me the way !!

    Thanks in advance
  2. xiaodre


    Hi, a simple one is bracket trader for IB. It's good and simple to use. I don't know about scripting or automating with it, but they've got forums for you to ask questions of the coders...
  3. assamese


    Yes, bracket-trader is pretty good, but
    1. it does not expose it's API, so, programmablity is not there.
    2. it only works for IB

    any other options ?
  4. Alarming, I've been looking to switch to AMIBroker because my current platform does not allow for IB to manage OCO's... i was under the impression that they have a very feature-rich interface to IB, no? I'm looking at the description at


    it has the capabilities to modify orders, no?
  5. assamese


    Sure...the Amibroker/IB interface provides basic order management, ie. new/change/cancel orders etc., but I want to do much more...manually as well as programmatically....here is a snippet from bracket-trader:

    Flexible entry options - complicated double breakout or double fade entries. pick a price based on the number of bids and offers. have a negative offset for Stop Limit entry orders.

    Flexible exit options - scale out positions automatically up to n steps, set a breakeven , start a trailing stop, or have a "no target" for the runner.

    Time stop - automatically react, if trade is taking too long to reach the target.

    Bottomline, I am looking for a Order/Trade Management software, that can pick up a trade-signal from Amibroker and then, provide above mentioned features for sophisticated management....

  6. MartinP



    if you want a tradingsoftware capable of complex order and stop strategies with ib and more, take a lokk at investox (www.investox.de).
    Investox does a good job, but is german only.