order flow in index futures

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TheDr., Jan 20, 2006.

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    Could someone explain how order flow in the emini's could affect The daytrader, or if it affects a daytrader negatively or positively?... and is it a good idea to daytrade 1 lot Big S&P's with 35k?

    I hear people say; many traders don't understand order flow and that's why they lose...just wondering where that concept orginated.
  2. have you ever trade ES or SPY ?

    dont even think of trading the BIG one
    until you are quite profitable with his
    smaller cousins

  3. I strongly suggest electronic trading of the emini's not the big contract. The emini's are zero float (unlike stocks) so they match buyer to seller and the ES (s&P 500 emini contract) is very liquid and most brokers offer online simulators to allow you to practice and test your skills with no risk. So you might consider starting there first. If you decide you want the same $$ return as the big contract, just trade 5 eminis and its equal. But my suggestion is start slow and with 1 contract to get your feet wet.