Order-Flow Day Traders Course

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  1. Hey guys I thought I’d share with you this 25% discount code for my Day Trading Futures order-flow course good until the end of the month. (code: f72trading) https://futurestraderoom.com/collections/trading-course/products/order-flow-trading-course

    More about the course:

    If you’re a daytrader wishing to make a living you must incorporate order-flow trading into your arsenal. If you are daytrading without knowledge of how to read the tape you are giving away a huge edge.

    This course shows you exactly what to look for, with real-time examples.

    I breakdown for you in just one setup a method that you can use repeadetly in the markets.

    The majority of the strategy is based on the nuances of reading the tape for opportunities.

    I expose to you a hidden in plain sight order-flow sequence pattern that repeats over and over again right before the market is about to make a large and fast move.

    I break this down into detail as we look at the footprint chart and I show you what I’ve based my actual trades on.

    This is the only strategy/method I will use to daytrade, everything else such as technical analysis, chart patterns or support-resistance has nothing to do with the strategy because we focus on order-flow pattern sequence.

    Trading Style

    This method involves watching a few charts for this sequence, taking the trade and closing it out right away. Typically you can be done trading for the day within 15-60 minutes.

    In the video you'll not only learn through slideshow examples, you'll sit with me during a real-time trading session and watch over my shoulder as I point out to you real-time examples in the videos.
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    Good one do you have this on youtube so I can save it
  3. Here is an old 10 min video on order-flow I put up:
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    Wow nice enjoyed it. I think you have to make more material like that.
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    The link is down for me...getting an "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" message in Chrome and Firefox
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    Works for me. Tried in Safari on Mac though. I think you can also find other educational videos on youtube, it's plenty of them. Just type order flow C trader, or Ninja trader
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