Order fills with paper trading

Discussion in 'Options' started by silent_tunes, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. This is a duplicate post. Please refer to the post with same title under "Order Executions" forum.

    My question is about whether paper trading fills are realistic if it were actual money being used instead?
  2. There are limitations to paper trading. If there is evidence of product available at your price, then the paper trade takes place. However, there is no consideration for quantity available. Furthermore, if your instrument has a wide bid/ask, how do you handle that in your analysis.
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    IB's simulator will ony fill you at the current size available. No more will be available until a new bid (or ask) volume appears. OTOH, they will not fill at other than the actual B/A so splitting is not possible.

    It's more like playing monopoly than real trading :)
  4. That's why I follow paper trading with small money trading before I put the strategy into production.
  5. Is 200 hours of X-plane flight simulator on the computer the same as 200 hours of real time on a Cessna?

    Think about it.
  7. The operation was a success but the patient was already dead. Good luck with collections!
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    Hi silent_tunes , lately i was deny from TDA , to trade options at tier 2 , did u have that problem as well