Order Entry softwares for TWS and J-trader

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  1. I'm trading futures with TWS and J-trader, To trade fast moves, I am looking for an order entry software that can place a stop loss order automatically after a fill. Which one is best for this task? Thanks in advance.
  2. nitro


  3. www.futures-trader.net It will do what you wish plus lots more!
    or any of the other add-ons for TWS to make order execution a breeze.
  4. You can do this within TWS. No need to buy a third party software. Just program it into your keyboard. For example, if I hit Ctrl-s, my TWS shorts at the market and puts in a bracket (a stop and limit for target) at the same time. There is quite a bit you can do within TWS if you use the keyboard instead of the mouse.

  5. I've been using bracket trader for awhile and have been very happy with it. Also it's free up to 5 contracts. They're really good about keeping it updated. I've also heard good things about ninja trader but I think that's $20/week and I thought it had similar functionality to Bracket Trader.

    Just do a google search or go to the IB Website for 3rd party software.
  6. Common, how tough is it to get the correct info on the NT pricing? It's not more than $30 a month for the single edition.
  7. Now, that's cool indeed. I too believe that shortkeys are superior to the mouse clicks, but can you also program something to adjust your stop and target using the keyboard? Or scaling in/out? Reversing? How far can we go with shortkeys and TWS capabilities to emulate NT or similar applications?
  8. yeah, you can do all sorts of stuff. Just call up tech support and tell em what you want to do, or take the time to cruise the hotkey menus to figure it out yourself. I think its a great product.

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