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  1. Lancer


    For those wanting a keypad for order-entry:


    The product is the ControlPad 683; 24-key programmable. Excellent key-mapping software; PS/2 interface; two function levels for each key; extra key parts (double-wide keys); clear key caps so labels can be placed under caps on each key.



    The product is the X-Keys Pro; 58-key programmable. This is the same keypad used at On-Site Trading. Manual keystroke recording; PS/2 and USB interface; two function levels for each key; extra key parts (double and square available); clear key caps for labels.

    No more keyboard hotkey hand gymnastics.
  2. Eastboy


    Hey Lancer,
    thxs for the links. Will be great help for those who also need dedicated keypads for order entry.
  3. I was one of those dedicated mouse clickers until a couple of weeks ago. I had a mouse go bonkers so I had to resort to hot keys (I'm using IB, btw) and after about a half an hour I was hooked! Man, you guys were right! I'm a lot faster using the keyboard. Who would have thunk it? Even old dogs can learn some new tricks.

    Having a small, dedicated keypad...I had never considered it but sure will.

    Best regards,
  4. jeffm


    Here is another macro-keypad. Its made by Saitek, who manufactures game controllers. This device is rather gamey itself, but that also means you can find them on sale for consumer prices. It is also larger than the xkeys or genovation pads, which may be good or bad depending.

  5. Dustin


    I posted this a couple weeks ago, but since it's on topic here:


    I bought the XKey keypad to use with AB Watley and it works great. The link above is how I chose to set it up.
  6. Dustin,

    My XKEYS 20 key unit arrived this afternoon. I'm really stoked and hope to get it programmed for Wed trading.

    How did you get your keys color coded? They did send me a template to use but I'm talking about the colored key caps. The colors would really be nice.

  7. Dustin


    I made the colored keys myself with excel. The file is attatched below. The size of the lables are exactly the size of the keys so don't mess with that....just change any text and colors to your preferences.
  8. Many thanks for your help!

    Touchkey Jim
  9. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The concept of using a keypad is interesting but isn't it only useful as long as you aren't getting partial fills?

    For example, let's say I use a key called "ISLD buy offer" to enter a buy order for 1000 shares of ABCD, but for whatever reason, I only get filled on 147 shares, and the stock continues higher. If I want to cancel the remaining balance and dump the shares I got filled on, I can't just hit the "Sell ISLD Bid" key because the software is set with a default size of 1000 shares. So in a case like that, would I have to go back to the "regular" way of entering an order with the keyboard and mouse in order to ditch my stock?

    It just seems like the success of the keypad depends heavily on choosing very liquid stocks that almost guarantee complete fills.
  10. Good question, Baron. I trade only NYSE so I haven't had that problem, yet. I have not programmed my keypad yet but I'm guessing there will be a couple of up and down keys to adjust size and a couple of others for price.

    Sorry I can't be of more help on this...
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