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    Appreciate the recommendations.
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    Received the new Xkeys USB SE version of the 58 key model yesterday. Installed Macro works.

    It's easy to set up the keys in the Macro Works software.

    I have tried several USB ports, uninstalling and reinistalling Macro Works several times and even downloading from the web page.

    It either won't recognize the programmed keystrokes at all, or if it does work at all, there are key bounces, resulting in multiple unintentional orders. (I'm using the demo on Pointdirex which only recognizes down keystrokes)

    Hotkey entries from my regular keyboard work just fine through the PS/2 port.

    Xkeys Tech support does not seem to know what to do. They recommended asking anyone who uses Xkeys for trading.

    Any suggestions, like maybe programming the keys in the resident mode for the keystrokes?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Email/PM me with a phone number. I'll give you a call.
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  4. You need to verify exactly what the keypad is sending to TWS. Open notepad and use the keypad to 'type' to the application. Make sure keypad is sending the exact same characters as the keyboard. You need to carefully distinguish between combination keypresses and sequential keypresses of the same keys.

    I'm assuming you have something like Windows XP. If the keypad company has not created an XP driver, the one you installed may not work. You should go into the control panel and verify that the keypad is recognized as a functioning USB device. I'm guessing it may appear under the game controller icon.
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    Thanks for the tips.

    Software drivers for keypad are Win 2000 and XP version and new.

    USB port recognizes the Xkeys unit. Unprogrammed keys sent to word show up as alpha numeric values, so the connection is working.

    When typing to word, some of the programmed keypads do not show up as they were programmed for the macro keystroke, but show up as blank spaces or incorrect values.

    If the software is that unreliable, I would opt for programming the keypad in its resident memory, thereby bypassing the macrosoftware and avoiding the software unreliability issue altogether.

    Hope that works tomorrow, but I don't really have a clue.
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  6. Make sure the keypad hardware is OK. The driver may have some test mode where it will display the keypresses. Check that the keypad electrically is OK for all keys.

    Some companies dont validate their software for XP very well. Don't know if that situation applies to X-Keys.
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    Thanks for the help.

    Turned out the Microsoft driver for the USB port needed to be reinstalled.

    And as Lancer suggested, slowing the keyboard speed down eliminated the key bounces and multiple entries.

    And as Puffy suggested, it's easier to send the keyboard strokes to MS Word to see what's happening.

    Works great now. Much appreciated.
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    the new Xkeys is working just great.

    Thanks for all the help.
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  9. nice layout...
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  10. I'm glad to see someone is using the graphics I made!

    Regarding selecting the correct field, I have my keypad set up to use up and down arrow keys. If I press the ctrl key + one of the up/ down keys on the x-keys pad it modifies the order size instead. This works provided that the IB TWS window is the active window.
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