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  1. If anyone is interested in a programmable keypad for order execution I have found a great source.
    I created a custom layout and graphics to interface with IB’s TWS.
    See the attached file.

    I looked for a vendor of a tool like this for quite some time and eventually put together my own solution.
    I could make them for other people if anyone is interested.

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  2. See the attached photo.
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    you print your own label and stick them on your keypad?
  4. if it's for free, it's for me:D
  5. I designed and printed the graphics then placed them under the transparent key-caps.

    The keypad itself is not a standard numeric keypad, each key can store up to 19 keystrokes of your choice.

    I had originally used F keys for shortcuts and hotkeys but there are not enough and I need the F keys for Tradestation shortcuts.

    I also like to use key combinations that are unlikely to get typed accidentally... I have had the bad experience of entering positions unintentionally before.
  6. Who hasn't?
  7. I can already see the Liquidate ALL button going off a little too often. Gotta put a glass shield over that one!
    Good idea though.
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    That's a nice piece of work, mercurial, not much use to the average trader but nice creative thinking. What's the expense for one in USD?
  9. I guess it would require more keys for stock trading if you take in to consideration all of the order routing options.
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    mercurial-- check your PM box.
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