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    Starting later this week Velocity will be one of the first firms to offer Trading Technologies Order Cancel Order....

    This very anticipated add in allows you to

    -Support auto cover and/or stop Exit Stategies
    -Place Trailing Stops on orders to stay "x" ticks from insdie market
    -Set Synthetic stops on orders
    -Cancel resting orders to maximize que position for FIFO
    -Place a stop threshold on orders to increase chance of Stop not going in if not much has traded at this level
    -Supports Stop Market and Stop Limit Orders

    See image graphic

    This is only available through Trading Technologies xTrader, via Professional Services... Velocity Futures is the first to offer OCO for Free and has the lowest xTrader fee at $500 per month...

    For more information visit Velocity's Website at http://www.VelocityFutures.com