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  1. All those guys on TV make their money by management fee's (not performance fee's). and/or selling misc stuff from their relative fame.
    I doubt their is any true ounce of potent, lethal trading skill and finesse and prowess within them.

    Their expertise is limited to (trading) book knowledge theory and definitions.
    But as you know, and they know,...theory and real-world don't always jive together, when you expect or want it to.
    This game is part art, part science.

    ...Hoo-ah` :wtf:
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  2. 9% loser.

    But 9% loss for typical ET'er is practically a win!
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    Oracle vs. Google

    Oracle has won the latest round of its eight-year battle against Google over the latter's Android platform. It's a fairly arcane argument over whether Google's design of Android to be compatible with apps written in the Java programming language (now owned by Oracle) was "fair use" or not. However, it could see Google forced to pay Oracle billions in damages. A federal court yesterday ordered a third trial over the matter. As The Verge's Sarah Jeong wrote: "I think I'm going to die before this lawsuit wraps up." The Verge
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    Oracle Park

    The San Francisco Giants' home stadium will for the next two decades be called Oracle Park. The change is effective immediately, with AT&T signs being replaced today with temporary banners. How much did Oracle pay? Bloomberg says "more than $200 million," while SFGate theorizes the figure is more in the $300 million to $350 million, er, ballpark. SFGate
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    Oracle scouts Nashville for huge office
    Amazon.com Inc. isn't the only technology giant interested in locating thousands of jobs in Nashville. Software giant Oracle Corp. is scouting the Nashville market for an urban office hub, according to multiple real sources. Those sources say the Redwood Shores-based company is seeking at least 500,000 square feet of office space, with the potential to grow to as much as twice that size. (San Francisco Business Times)
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    Mark Hurd

    Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd is taking a leave of absence for health reasons. Founder and CTO Larry Ellison will step in to handle his responsibilities. Oracle's stock dropped in extended trading following the news. CNBC
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    Oracle CEO

    Oracle will not take on a second CEO to replace the late Mark Hurd, leaving Safra Catz as the software giant's sole chief executive. Executive chairman Larry Ellison said the next generation of leadership within the company would provide "the next CEO when Safra and I retire, which will be no time soon." Fortune