ORCL dead?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by txtech, May 25, 2006.

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    Oracle trading up to 14 today. I dont see this company even existing 6 years from now.

    Very little growth potential in the database market, the only way to go is down really...

    Why would an IT manager approve expensive oracle purchase when you get an equal open source database (mysql or postgres) for much much cheaper if not free?

    Also MSFT is coming on strong in this market.

    I predict down to 11 shortly.

  2. I predict it'll fluctuate.:D
  3. mysql is not ACID (look it up)

    who uses postgreSQL? i mean, majority of ppl use mysql for websites...

    orcle has its purpose.

  4. Why would an IT manager approve anything MS related or use expensive non linux Sun Sparc stations?

    Its been my experience in my IT career that IT managers are usually idiots. These idiots are under even bigger idiots who often times are suckered in by marketing, sales, or whatever the case may be.. just stupidity is my view.

    That was one of my main reasons for exiting stage left..

    Like it or not Oracle is deeply rooted in Corp IT and will likely remain so.

    The stock generally goes nowhere, maybe it would be good to suck out some premium, but there is probably very little.. I dunno never looked.
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    Well, implementation costs can be astronomical. Not to mention, most implementation projects fail. Their is a huge premium paid for longeveity and few global enterpises, the NYSE for instance, would entrust their mission-critical database systems on unsupported shareware. Nothing is "Free".

    You're buying peace of mind, (as much as is possible), which is priceless when you go with the big techs.

    You'd probably be a fool to buy anything besides MS at this point considering the high probability of failure. (as far as desktop platforms go). In the future, the browser will be the OS ... the service model is definitely the future, so i think MSFT days as king are limited.

  6. I would generally agree with those comments, however there is no reason a Linux esque OS can't be distributed throughout the corp environment..

    In fact we had this pretty much done at my last job. Of course the largest issue was the drones could barely handle windows, but they learned.. Basically all they had access to was a few apps which looked very close to what they were accustumed to.

    This was also a Pro *nix anti *ms shop so they felt it their duty to remove as much as as possible, even on end users desktops.

    I don't think ANY MS app is the stablest compared to real competition.

    I don't think Windows server could hold up against any well administered *nix server. I've never seen a windows server rather it be file/email/whatever come close to the uptime of a *nix one.

    I still like MS, and MS helped me start my career supporting it. No complaints for me, I'm lazy at heart.. I'll point and click all day.

    Hell one of our most reliable servers at my last shop was this ancient Novel server that well I'm not sure what it did, I just know it was very very old, had collected much dust, and had never gone down.

    I think my point is without all the strong handed tactics of MS and end users drones and unexperienced IT managers, MS would not be the choice..

    That is if you looked objectively at all solutions and their reliability, I just don't see how many people would choose a MS solution over just about anything.


    Regarding your OS issue, I am probably one of the last people I know to still run windows. If you don't play games, you can pretty much ignore windows.

    Now if we are talking about the corp scenario, then it comes down the end lusers, IT managers etc. Much much ground has been made up in recent years in this area.

    in 2001 I worked for another heavily anti MS shop. They were bound and determined to get rid of MS on every desktop, and to rid MS of every server. They were able to succeed on the second one, though they still had to keep windows for email, however getting it off the desktop as I told them it would never happen, didn't.

    My problem with alot of the *nix guys is they have been predicting total domination for years. I just don't buy into it, it'll take much much longer for this scenario to play out, but it's not because MS is a better product.

    That I think is my point. They don't survive due to having the best product in any category really