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    ORCA has been mentioned in this forum. Despite a Google search I can't find anything.

    Can someone provide a web address?

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for the info.

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    I respectfully disagree.

    Although RTS is a solid platform, ORC is by far the superior. OK it costs an arm and a leg more than ORC - but there's a reason for that - and the people who buy it dont mind the difference.

    The reasons are many, but perhaps the most glaringly obvious for an options trader is the ability to also trade other underlying markets, where as RTS is comparatively limited in this department.
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    I am a local at the CME in the process of transitioning to the box. We looked at several packages and agree that Orc is the superior platform.

    However, unless trading is your profession, I believe that Orc is more complex than most people need and more expensive than most people can absorb without trading size.

    We spent several months simply learning how to use it. That included more than 40 hours of training and going through their 700+ page manual. To be candid, I still don't feel completely comfortable in the environment.

    It is also expensive: $2,000/mo./user for the software, $500/mo./user per exchange, and between $1,000 and $5,000 per month for the high bandwidth data lines you need. Additionally, you need your own server - we're using an 8 core HP and high-end multi-monitor PC's.

    This post is not intended to discourage people from using Orc as I feel it is the best program available. But you need to consider your trading profile before you go this direction.
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    If possible, and from your perspective, could you provide a brief outline as to how Orc can improve trading; what features justify the high cost (makes you irresistable to women, adds a couple of inches to your height - and elsewhere, wake up with a cascading head of curly hair)?

    You are not allowed to refer to the manual.

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    I have made a submission under the heading "Options volume" in the hope of drawing more discussion.

    This is based on your reply but raises questions you are qualified to answer - should you wish.