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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by airspeed, Sep 9, 2001.

  1. Does anyone on this board us Orbit software by PCQuote? I would appreciate any comments, good or bad...I'm always on the lokout for better/less expensive software.

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    in short : forget it.
    poor graphs, limited features. I could go on but really it is not worth it.

    Just consider PCQuote's motivation :
    Orbit is a low cost program to compete on the market. They could not make it too good to prevent loosing market shares with their higher priced PCQuote/RealTick platform.

    Orbit is very, very disappointing indeed.

    Check these instead :
    Low Cost : NexTrend, Livecharts
    Normal : eSignal+Ensign (100 symbols), AIQ
    Higher cost : PCQuote 6

    QCharts if you are lucky to have it reliable in your area. It is very good and superb with RavenQuote, when reliable.

    THere are others, but I mention here only the ones I used a lot.

  3. tradex21


    I disagree, I've used it for severals months and found it to be quite good for the money. Problem is you need plenty of bandwidth and at least 128 mgs. of memory or it will overload and freeze up where you have to turn off pc and reboot. Try their 30 day free trial.
  4. white17


    I've used PCQ 6 for several years and finally dumped it. Their data just became too inaccurate. Example; about ten days or so back the Dow closed down about 41 points. My data feed showed the Dow closing UP over 200 points and had been that way all day. The same thing happend several days running.
    Also, they are famous for broadcasting bad option quotes. They usually transpose the bid and ask........but you never know for sure.........real handy. I can't comment on Orbit, but I can imagine.
  5. Thanks for the input, guys.

    WHITE: From whom does PCQuote get their feed? Tnx, Jim
  6. tradex21


    Airspeed Hyperfeed?
  7. white17


    Right, Hyperfeed.
  8. tntneo

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    Wow !
    I see many different opinions here.
    I stand by mine. But I must recall everyone that reliability and speed is also a factor of your ISP and where you are related to the servers.
    I know several having great experience with QCharts reliability while it is very poor for the other half.

    All I can say, is eSignal is very robust from wherever I used it in the world. (sometimes a little lag during the first hour, but that's it, and it is on big volume day).

    AIQ has a good feed too, although with less features for daytrading than others.

  9. last post was in 2001...
    any improvements in 4 yrs?