Orange Juice!!

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    Don't buy the futures, buy phyiscal orange juice and store it.
  2. ....why?

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    Vitamin C, good for your health!
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    any one wanna buy 200 x 3 year old 1 ltr cartons of just juice?
  5. Retail stores will not buy from a guy storing his own oj. You would have to sell it back to a wholesale warehouse first and expect that it would eat up much of your expected profits if you were successful at all in selling it back. I guess the worst case is you have a lot of oj to drink.

    I just read about this exact situation in a book called 'More Money than God' (pretty good read so far!). The guy made a profit but had to give up about 20% in doing this sort of thing. Luckily he had enough profits to cover the haircut and still be profitable.
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  8. You have to pay for the freezer and electricity, land, building, etc. FCOJ is stored on a massive scale by Tropicana and others.
  9. I all I will say is take a look where OJ is now:) :p :D
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