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    OJ Trader

    We are seeing things in the Orange Juice markets that could help push these prices much higher by the march contracts. Acreage is down and so is the crop with a recovery in economy we could see this thing fly.
  2. 1) Does that include Brazil or is it just the USA?
    2) What does it mean for acreage to be down? Oranges are a "permanent crop", not a row-crop. :cool:
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    so be careful what you wish for

  4. For OJ to start flying, the real economy would have to start flying, which I don't see happening, since personal consumption of OJ is down. People drink more water and alcohol in times of distress. No signs of that turning around just yet.

    BTW oranges are more permanent crops than for example corn, but you still need to replant those mofo trees when they become old, and also have to give the new plants years to be able to start harvesting, and by that time you lose half of it due to nature, so you really can only use (optimistically) half your plantation for production, etc, etc, etc. I guess what I'm saying is that supply is not as flexible as in most other ags.

    And yes, OJ is controlled by the Sith, so unless you have Jedi abilities, you can only get degutted there. Ask me how I know.
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    So is the OJ rally coming to an end? Reports it takes 277 oranges not 240 this year to fill a box as greening has shrunk the harvest. Jan Juice at 127. Where is the seasonal sell off?