Oral and anal sex is a crime against nature!!!

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  2. When it comes to consensual sex between adults, I strongly support the legitimacy of any and every body orifice to partake in the pleasurable experience of sex...
  3. Does he have a name candletrader:D
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  5. Is it unnatural for a dog to hump a leg or lick a women's function at the junction?

    Have you ever seen the sexual behavior of the Bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee)? Many claim that the Bonobo is our closest relative in the animal kingdom. They engage in all sorts of sexual acts to settle disputes and relieve tension within the group rather than engage in acts of violence. These sexual acts include sodomy, even among the same sex and the young 'uns. We're talking 24/7 sex here folks.
  6. Let me understand this, are you saying that those who consciously practice sodomy, having a full knowledge of morality and freedom of choice over instinct, are dogs and apes?
  7. jack says, " you cannot go against nature, since doing so is nature itself".

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  8. Oral and anal sex is a crime against nature!!!

    only if you do it to a farm animal:D
  9. I would say that those humans who engage in sodomy are humans.

    My first post was in response to your questions and comments which appeared to be directed toward nature as providing the answer of what may be right/wrong or good/bad.
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