Oracle Sues Google for Billions

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  1. Oracle is seeking damages "in the billions of dollars" from Google in a patent lawsuit over the smartphone market, according to a court filing.

    Oracle sued Google last year, claiming the Web search company's Android mobile operating technology infringes Oracle's Java patents. Oracle bought the Java programming language through its acquisition of Sun Microsystems in January 2010.

    In a document filed in court by Oracle on Thursday, Oracle accused Google of trying to conceal the fact that Oracle's damages claims in the case are in the billions.

    Google has redacted large portions of Oracle's damages estimates from recent court filings. Oracle asked the court on Thursday to make some of that information public.

    Google representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The case in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, is Oracle America, Inc v. Google Inc, 10-3561.
  2. There is legal dispute going on between Google and Microsoft, Google and Paypal, Google and Oracle, Google and China. Anymore disputes for google? What is this?
  3. Somebody has rightly said "Google gets sued and Google sues Microsoft, what is new".

    Lawsuits, what's new especially for a multi-billion company..everybody is out to get you...

    If you are big and famous, you will be targetted. I remember WWE wrestler "Bastista" when he became champion he said "I knew I will be hunted man when I become champion".

    There were some media reports that google co-founder Sergey Brin wanted to quit google in 2009. I think there is some internal problems with google.

    Google shares is $485 each. Google can alone crash world stock markets because google is one of the biggest companies in the world. If you are into stock trading be careful. Serious world situation says sell and sell.

    My prediction is that Google stocks will fall 20% on Monday. I think google stock was $200 some 1 or 2 years back so it is unhealthy with all the problems and world people targetting google. It will be back to square one.

    Oracle stock will also fall 10% or more on monday.
  4. I think Oracle lawsuit is seeking $1.4 Billion to $6.1 Billion in damages from Google. Google is sitting on $35 Billion cash.

    What is Microsoft lawsuit against Google worth?

    What is Paypal lawsuit against Google worth?

    Finally China has biggest problem with Google. Be careful.

    I think Google search business and other business is falling. Micrsoft Bing is taking over search business.

    What will be Google profits for 2011 and 2012?
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    Lol... I knew of a lawsuit where someone sued a company for +$1 million. The person won the lawsuit. The company had to pay him... get this... $10K...

    Just cuz someone sues you for >1 billion doesn't mean that is the amount the Judge will award.
  6. Google Conspiracy to be the Next ClickBank or Amazon?

    Thought you'd find this interesting. I went on Google and typed in "make money online" for the heck of it. Guess what I found? I saw an ad at #1 for the Google Affiliate Network (GAN). Does anyone have experience with GAN?

    Then, I typed in "make money on the internet" and this link came-up in the live-feed. I almost fell out of my chair.

    Google seeks to grow eBooks affiliates, compete with Amazon

    They just ban folks like you and I from Adwords for life since we're competition and not spending over 30K / month. Then, they want us to promote their stuff?

    What do you think about this?

    This didn't happen over night, it's been a long time in the making! If you look back a few years ago when Google wanted to scan every book in the world for their own database.

    Google Books was an affliate scheme from the start.I always said Google Books was a load of BS, this new ebook affliate scheme is simply a spinoff of Google Books.

    BTW, If you sign up for that Google ebook affliate program, you will be a sub-affliate, you'll get a percentage of a percentage, lol. Invest in a new piggy bank, you'll need it for all those pennies.

    "Do as I say, not as I do!" - Google 2011

    Very true... The Google quote is very fitting, too. Total hypocrisy.

    What ad network was it that got gobbled up by Google, I forget now, but I was a member of it until I got the news that Google now owned it. I got emails from them for months to log in and get links ... I'm in enough ad networks that I don't need a Google ad network. Wouldn't promote them if they were the only ad network around.

    They want to control all information, all transactions, all mobile communication and for the record, they want to control the appliances in your home... (Google's Android ambitions go beyond mobile)

    It's not surprising why they shut down so many affiliates, particularly digital eBook affiliates.

    Is it a conspiracy? Who knows. But I do know that this much power is frightening, and crushing.

    What I also find interesting about good old Goog, is how they manipulate their search results to suit their own agenda.

    Sure, they can do whatever they want I suppose, but what does that tell you about their integrity?

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

    It is pretty scary though. But we could say the same about how much info Facebook has on all it's users... anyone checked out the TOS lately?

    I can see it now, self publish a ton of works through google over the course of the years and wake up one morning to find you don't comply with the TOS they adjusted over night and they have permanently banned your account. Sounds like fun.

    Google wants to own it all, control it all. buying FB, YT, and trying to buy TW and Groupon. i dont think anything is stopping Google from placing their own affiliate id on all searches done through them , amazon, eBay, CPA , whatever you name it! its just a matter of time before that happens (IMO). Google already has more than it can chew in its plate and its monitoring robots are still a work in progress and far away from perfection!

    Not good to see Google promoting itself at the top of search results, or for Google to be inching into product sales. No chance I'll promote this and hopefully it will die a quick death.

    Double Click ad network was purchased by Google...

    History has proven that well. On a similar note, here's another interesting observation I've noticed over the last 6 months. More and more regular mom and pop brick-and-mortar business websites are getting banned from Adwords now.

    I get a couple emails / week about this from newbies to web marketing that have never heard of affiliate marketing or a Google slap before. Anyone else notice this trend?

    On the flip side, is anyone making sales through GAN?
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    This is a huge drain of resources. We need to invalidate all software patents. Get rid of them. And reform the rest of the patents. Maybe change it around, patents only for "the little guy".
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    No. There is too much cyber infrastructure built around Google. Too many people are making money from Google ads.

    Bing will be a big player but certainly not the biggest.