OQO Ultra Mobile PC and CQG’s Integrated Client for Electronic Trading

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    You might want to compare OQO to the asus eee which announced it will be shipping with WindowsXP next month. It is shipping with linux today. About $400 and very small.

    Video review at:
    (You might want to turn off your speakers because of the background music!!!)

    OQO and UMPC is a little dated...

    Good luck!
  3. I have used it for the last few months. PM me if you have any questions on it. I would highly recommend based on use so far.
  4. Can someone tells me how long the machine can run with HSDPA turned on?

    I am using a PDA-phone to remote control my computer at home with vnc. My PDA-phone has HSDPA module but I use GPRS instead as it consumes much less energy. With HSDPA it can last 1-2hr but can last 4-5hr with GPRS.
  5. With the double capacity battery and broadband modem it can last about 4 hours give or take from what I've seen.
  6. hey brock, how does Java-based programs run on it? pretty spiffy? I'm curious particularly with IB's TWS.
  7. Yep. That's the primary reason I bought it. I can trade on TWS and run multiple web browsers, etc. with no problem. The hard drive can get a little slow with lots of I/O but if you just run TWS and minimal other apps you shouldn't have a problem. If you can justify the price to get the solid state drive I would recommend it. If not, the standard drive is decent.
  8. Been thinking about getting one for the past few months, thanks for thei nfo!

  9. Sure... if you have any other questions before deciding just pm me. I initially bought it just for out of town use but now I've taken to using it more around the house than I use my laptop.
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