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    O.K. - Here's the deal. It looks like I got in on this IPO, which is my first IPO experience before actual trading anyway. My broker has a requirement that if I sell within 30 days, that would in effect put me "on restriction" for 90 days for participating in further IPOs.

    I have day-traded IPOs in the past and it seems the quality ones (which is how I think of OPXT) usually open up HUGELY above the offering, but then often fade from the first day's opening trade (see FIG recently).

    I guess what I'm looking for is how other folks view the risk / reward of selling within the first 30 days vs loosing potential profits if it does indeed fade. I also wonder that if every broker has this restriction, who the hell is selling? Thanks for any input.
  2. topdown you dog! You know stoney is looking for some of that! I requested yesterday? Have not heard back...
    Am I too late? What is the Filing Date and go live date?

    Listen these 90 day restrictions are a big pain in the ass I'm just off one (I think) it's so damn confusing and immediately they begin warning you again about flipping. It's as if i can no longer use funds from sales that day to buy stuff EVER again. My 90 days are up but i'm still fearful that if I daytrade with unsettled funds they will blast me again. And let me tell you that 90 days seems like an eternity! I think it's 90 business days!!!

    That being said it's your first IPO F em' if you want to flip flip.

    The IPO is IDENTICAL to Optium (OPTM) which came public at $17.50 and went up 43%!!!

    OPXT is actually priced better! It will be priced at 2.5 X enterprise value vs 3.5 for Optium and it's PE will be around 18 vs 24 for Optium. So this IPO is going to rock- good job getting some! I hope i hear back today about myself!

    Do let me know about when this is going to trade!

    ~ stoney
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    Actually I guess I am not yet sure if I got in or not. It was priced last night at $15 and I affirmed my offer to purchase. Right now the broker says "Allocation in Progress".

    I really don't know when it will actually start trading. I am assuming today or tomorrow?
  4. Well I just heard from my hedge fund who got SHUT out by GS on this!!!!!

    I told them if they can get $18 or $19 to buy if not
    forget about it!!!

    I'm preying you get some...
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    LOL - I just checked again, and i got allocated a whopping 100 shares (I requested 700). Is this common? Is there a relationship to requested quantity vs. allocated? ie. If I had asked for 2000, would I have maybe received 200 or 300?

    I assume most shares must go to the heavy hitters.
  6. I'm getting a nasty flashback to GOOGLE when they told me I had bid correctly for 80 shares at around $80 dollars and I told them... Take a walk! Of course those 80 shares> I could practically retire on now!

    I think yes Normally if you bid a higher amount you will receive a higher fractional amount but in this case 100 shares was all you were going to get-- too hot a IPO.
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    Apparently, it's not as hot as we hoped. I just picked up a few hundred more at $17.
  8. Ancient Chinese saying regarding IPO market...

    Little One if they offer you ipo it mean it no go.
    If they say no way. You must play some way...

    ... or was it Johnny Cochran?