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  1. any thoughts......seems like every weekend, another fund manager in Barrons picks this stock as a great buy at these levels.
    Went out at $1.11 fri. I rarely look at these types of issues (under $5) for a investment. Thinking about loading up a boat with it and forgetting about it like a nonexpiring call option.
  2. i presented this stock on monday....it is now 2.22......... 100% in value in 1 week........hope some of you kids got in on the action..
    I took almost a point out of 25k shares in 3 days
  3. BCE


    Hi OtL
    I know this company. My girlfriend and I rented half a duplex to the office manager and her husband (Lynn & Grantley from Florida) when part of it was still Software.com. And I've met some of the people that work there. My interest in my post here is in regard to your posts. Don't take this wrong, but I hope these boards don't turn into a forum of people promoting - pumping? - individual stocks. It could really get out of hand, you know? You probably meant well. Just some thoughts.
    And congratulations on a great trade!! :)
    P.S. Next time you have a hot tip PM me.........kidding.