Opus Trading Fund

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  1. How is the firm? Are they really good in terms of producing top traders?
  2. Opus is Schonfelds prop trading division.
  3. How is the firm in general? Is it a good place to start out the prop trading career?
  4. At one time it was the best place to start a prop trading career. No capital contribution required, free training as a day trader or over nighter, 20% gross monthly payout, free lunch, huge cap to trade with. It is different today though.
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  6. javs5150: Were you trading there before? If so, how was your experience?
  7. since when differnet?
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    It is the former ETG Atlanta Office. Ben Rote who heads up trainging is one of the best traders I have ever meet and he is a quality individual.

    I used to rent space from Spear Leads/ETG used them for clearing did not prop trade, but played golf with Ben alot.
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  10. Opus vs. Trillium, which is better??
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