Optiver mkt manipulation inquiry

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by eusdaiki, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. I interviewed with the guy who got in trouble for banging the close......biggest prick i have ever met, i hope he goes to jail
  2. in my opinion there has to be more than one prop trading house
    or bank etc who tries to "gun for the stops" and use "god forbid"

    spoofs / flashing of size and whatever else they deem nec.. to

    make a buck in whatever market "sandbox" they play in

    hopefully in yrs to come the playing field will be more level
    and there will be less slippage and "shakeouts" for all concerned
  3. The problem in the US market is the exchanges & dumb SEC.

    The exchanges encourage all this shit so extra fees are paid to them. The dumb SEC listens to the scammers and makes a decision "fair to all players". :mad:

    'Seems like things are 10x worse than when specialists were in charge.

  4. the SEC has no bussiness in futures. :)