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  1. trader47


    wondering if anyone's got tips/advice on Optiver's programming test. From what I hear its stuff like whats the difference between Java and C# execution times, what is the following algorithm an example of, etc but was hoping someone perhaps has a few more of the Q's handy / generally what the gist of them are.

  2. A test like that on my table and I walk out - idiots at work. Seriously. There is a great many things to ask, even low level, but execution times.... is EXTREMELY depending on compiler and runtime version, under C# even possibly configuration settings (garbage collector selection), and even CPU.

    This is a senseless question.
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    The test is a written test designed to test you on the fundamentals of C++. I would suggest you brush up on the fundamentals. They have small program samples and have you answer questions based on those samples. They ask very basic execution questions like why do you think a C++ program would execute faster than a Java program. They also ask questions about when you would use multiple threads vs a single thread etc. If you are good on the fundamentals - it should be easy to get through.

    Good Luck !!

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    Thanks guys!

    Yeah I agree to an extent that it does depend on circumstance, when things execute faster (in certain cases Java can even run faster than C++ due to its optimization) - I guess as long as answers are supported by good explanation, should be OK.

    Oh well if I dont get it, not end of the world but fingers crossed!


  6. vita


    You also need to be prepared for programming logic and algorithm questions like in the GRE's quant and analytic sections. For example you may need to double sort a small hash table based on numerical AND alphabetical orders in each column separately to give an answer. Another type of question can involve the speed of your eyes in screening a paragraph or a code for a variable and counting the number of its instances, etc.

    Keep a pen & paper handy for programming logic questions! Good luck.
  7. steve gu

    steve gu

    If I am only applying for an IT job at Optiver, do I need to attend the numerical test as well? Does anybody know? Thanks!
  8. rickertb


    you can try out some tests at www.brainbench.com

    I have done the Programmer & Analyst aptitude test for Optiver..
  9. MGB


    Actually, that IS what they want to hear from you. They want to see if you know the difference. They want to hear you explain all the various factors that contribute to the execution times.

    There's no perfect answer.