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  1. Hi

    I have an interview with Optiver tomorrow. I was wondering whether anyone could tell me who Optiver's competitors are in Amsterdam or just generally, as my knowledge is pretty poor I guess.
    Also, does anyone have any tips for stuff I might get asked about. An hour talking about trading and finance seems like quite a long time for me...
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    "competitors" for the market making in options:
    1. Optiver (55)
    2. Curvalue (50)
    3. Saen Options (49)
    4. Tibra Trading (47)
    5. Goldman Sachs (41)
    6. All Options (41)
    7. Timber Hill (34)
    8. Scrocca (29)
    9. IMC (26)
    10. 323 Trading (21)
    11. Leopark (21)
    12. Hardcastle Trading (20)
    13. Munnik Options (20)
    14. BNP (19)
    15. Archelon (19)
    16. Calimero (11)
    17. 2B trading (9)
    18. Cho Option Traders (8)
    Some are not in Amsterdam and Curvalue(vandermoolen) is no longer active. Alphabay capital is taking over some of the positions.
    The number in brackets is the number of pmm and cmm together. The number is not so relevant it is more important which stocks the have.

    bron: amsterdamtrader.com
  3. Thanks alot...your website is pretty good. Where did you get this information from?
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    Used to be a market maker(dutch) and still in the business(not options anymore).
  5. Used to be a market maker ? Are you still in the Netherlands ?
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  7. fogut


    Can you describe your job as a market maker for Optiver ? What do you have to be really good at in order to be a market maker ?

    Thanks very much.
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    I didn't work for Optiver but another one from that list.
    In my opinion in order to suceed you have to:
    Pass the test, be very passionate in options, able to switch quickly(in all areas), to be able to handle some pressure and long days, quick mental arithmetic(these days the computer does most of the work), finding the right balance between your risk control and return and you have to love watching your 4-12 monitors.
    I think everybody might have different opinons about this because of their experience.
  9. do those guys even make any money beyond the bread and butter of market making?

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    How did the interview go ? What kind of questions did they ask ?

    Thanks very much.
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