OptionVue6 problems

Discussion in 'Options' started by alcontes, May 6, 2009.

  1. alcontes


    I'm using optionvue from 2005 but with the new version I have several problems.
    1)BackTrader doesn't work
    2)when I place a new trade in the matrix the program is stopped.
    3) When I try to download data with another data feed some expiration months disappear.
    4)Until now I've used netvue for end of day data with little cost(around$35 at month).
    Now I must subscribe a real time data if I want collect data with $145 every month.
    I don't know what happen at these guys,but they are crazy,also I have sent severals emails at technical support but no answers comes back.
    Any suggestion?
  2. sent you pm
  3. Are you aware that thinkorswim provides a free software to analyze options positions similar to optionsVue?

    Not as sophisticated as OV... but more than enough to create different market scenarios also simulating implied volatility changes...

    ... and they also have a new tool to backtest options.

    I don't work for TOS but after having used both... no way to pay all this money for OV.