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  1. Just wanted to ask about OptionVue....

    I am trying to learn about options just to expand my knowledge base.

    I like the ToS analysis tools, but also wanted to ask about OptionVue. I have noticed that almost everyone touting the software has like 15 posts, which is most definitely not a good sign to me....but on the other hand, Larry McMillan says good things about them (which of course may just be about paid endorsements).

    I am a visual learner and think OptionVue looks pretty cool so far, especially with the way they plot out the options so you can see how it all works....of course I would definitely appreciate anyone\'s opinion if they would care to offer it.

  2. I owned OpVue when it was a DOS program. The current app is nice, but you're tied to the background dbase fee. I can't see OpVue offering much in the way of a tutorial. It's best use is in quoting relative value and dbase scanning. You would need a real-time quote provider to use it to its potential. CEV is shit, smoothed vol.

    I would recommend an excel add-in such as OpStar. Get an excel workout instead of using a canned-app. Free data source as well:

  3. Thanks for the info Atticus. I see your point about the data, etc....I agree as well about using Excel instead of a canned app...good for the ol\' noggin. :D

    I appreciate it man.
  4. Tums


  5. OptionVue has the best volatility modeling, though, both uniform and variable. There's just so much more flexibility there, because I can incorporate IV changes into my trades.
  6. Best modeling. Now THAT'S comedy!