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Discussion in 'Options' started by Joel Reymont, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Are there any advantages to OptionVue vs. the ThinkOrSwim software?

    I figure buying OptionVue is like instantly going 2.5-3K underwater in my trading account, something that I will need to make up. A lot of people are enthusiastic about what ToS provides (greeks for the whole portfolio to manage overall risk?) but there must be a reason why people buy OV, right?

    Thanks, Joel
  2. atozcom


    There is no comparison.

    OptionVue is not free. Software is not free. Data feed is not free.

    TOS is free. You only need to open the account and fund it with $3500.00. It is still your money. Everything else is free at TOS. Software is free. Software upgrade is free. The trading platform software is a lightning fast desktop application. Web base trade is available. Real time data feed is free. There are no monthly charge of ANY kind. No minimum trading per month. Experienced TRADERS provide fantastic Tech support and customer service. They can talk option spread and Greek with you.

    99% of TOS Seminars are free except those by RedOption. The most expensive cost $199.00 for a 3 day seminar!!! You don't even have to be their client to go to their seminars!!!

    Yes, I am a TOS client.
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    Yes, the reason is they don't know about TOS, never seen a TOS software demo AND have too much money.

    TOS have not promote itself much.
  4. I opened an account last week, will fund it on Monday but thought I would ask anyway :).

    Have you used OptionVue, though, or are you speaking in general terms?
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    No. I have not used OptionVue.

    But... I attended OptionVue users group meeting and seen the OptionVue people demo the software. This was after I alread been using TOS for about three months. As I was watching the demo I was thinking "This could have been done on TOS so much faster and easier".

    I have a friend that uses OptionVue. He is a TOS client. He signed up for the Dan Sheridan Mentoring class which use OptionVue. He was not impressed and told me that he will not paid for the OptionVue software or data feed after the class.
  6. Joel
    You are right, there is a reason people buy Option Value....they don'tknow better. It is the same reason people at the grocery store spend $3 on a 12oz bottle of something when right next to it is the same product in a 30oz bottle on sale for $1.99. THey don't shop around.

    I know both products and you can get everything OV has on TOS for free. Then again, some people are just susceptable to salesmen.
  7. There are cheaper ways to learn than plucking down $3k for a system. Learn from books, create a simulatior using Excel coupled with TOs risk software. Buy add-ins in Excel to enhance your simulator into a full blown scanner using IB feed. Here is a start.

    Google Hoadley and buy his add-in for $40-50$ to use with your excel.
  8. atozcom


    There is no need to use software like excel to re-invent the wheel. Everything are ALREADY in the software: Option value calculator, standard deviation calculator, probability of expiring, probability of touching... There is no reason to use ANY other tools once you start using TOS.

    You have 10 day to use TOS before you must fund you account. I would recommend those interested to attend any of their free seminar or software demo to see how the software works.

    If the free software is not good enough, where can you get real time data feed for FREE. That is several hundred dollar's worth a year for FREE!
  9. Bite Me

    Bite Me


    You are one of those sales people.
  10. BiteMe, would you care to elaborate on the false part?

    What features of OV can you _not_ use at TOS for free?

    What is missing in TOS that OV has and how does that give you a trading advantage?
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