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  1. Just curious if any experienced users would care to give a review on it.

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    Had an old DOS version.....think about 1990 or '91. I thought it did exactly what it was supposed to do. I am sure the newer versions are better.
    I used it (the old version) after having used what Reuters called their Schwartzatron (not sure of the spelling). The Reuters product was for professionals. The option-vue version I used was not for professionals, but did what I needed to trade.
    The Schwartzatron was $900 a month in the late 80s. The option-view program was less $ than one months use of Reuters (in fairness, reuters supplied a terminal and data feed, but still...very expensive)

    There is also a professional version of option-vue, which I have never seen. I believe (not positive) that option-vue has a demo version you can try....at least they used to.
  3. Option vue has one feature very few (if any) programs have. The ability in delayed time to scan options that fit your criteria (Opscan) much like Linnsoft's, First alert or Omega research on the stock side (Ex. show me all stocks that crossed over their 50 day MA and priced between 50-60$ and volume > 2M shares ,etc).

    Option vue can do this. The rest of the program has features that are generic to other programs like Optionpro, Optionstar, Microhedge,etc Main issue against optionvue. They will nickel anddime you to death. $400 for real time, $50/month for opscan, 400 yearly for database,etc..

    Try optionclub.com for scanning or ivolatliity.com and buy yourself the generic systems for less. Good luck
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    You are talking about option-vue? If so, wow...they are in a different business altogether than when I use it 10 years ago. At that time, I just got the software from them, and integrated it with my own data feed....which I paid for anyway. And the database just stored and updated itself at the end of the day (had to start it manually and add symbols manually). No charge. Interesting change in business model.
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    i wrote a soft, that can do search even better than optionvue-
    as i say, i can do search, based on any possible criteria. of course, optionvue can do some of this, but the price......they sell products on modules. for each-you have to pay. a lot. module, which can do search like on this site will cost you from 900 to 3000 + delay or realtime data subscription.
    looks like, no one interested in it, so i did no do updates anymore.
    good luck to all!
  6. I use version 1.53 weekly for Historical MIV comparisons.

    Been using it since 1991 (it was in the DOS mode back then). Know bunch of CBOE marketmakers who use it on the floor of the exchange.

    Used it at Bob Geske's options course at UCLA AGSM.

    For a retail user, the best there is. Tons of switches. Have a learning curve to deal with (much like of a 747 cockpit). Once you master it, it is the best analysis tool. very versatile.:)
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    Do you use it for anything in realtime. Or is it too cumbersome?
  8. I do not trade options in R/T any more.

    Too busy with Futures & I hate time decay !

    The version 1.53 of OV5 is very user-friendly with excellent charts.
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    I have to say as a user of this product that it is hands down the best software out there available to the retail public. But, I do stress that in order to use it properly, you better know options inside and out. I highly recomend reading "Option Volatility and Pricing" by Sheldon Natenburg at least 5 times before you start trading with this software seriously. But once you do, you will have more then enough capabilities from this platform to trade options very succesfully.
  10. I use it with real-time feed from eSignal. Couldn't trade without it. (I trade volatility).

    Uses a lot of memory- can't run it at same time as Metastock, which also uses a lot of memory. (Also have eSignal and Excel running).

    A nice new feature is "Position Delta", which attempts to look at all my positions on a single basis (e.g. QQQ or OEX).

    I do a daily Opscan to find over-priced and under-priced options.
    (Of course, sometimes there is a reason for over-priced options!!).
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