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  1. all:

    i recently tried out optionvue and cant believe what a piece of crap the software is; ugly interfaces, insufficient and useless backtesting data; only a few strikes here and there; most of the data is missing and horrible customer service. Just a bunch of guys ripping off the general public. and they sell it for a bunch too. save your money; open a TOS account and get all that functionality and better for free. ah.. now you can use the 3000$/year in your trading account. heheh..

    good luck!

    and i bet most of the ratings on the software page here are either by the sales people there or by people using the software from way back in the golden ages; now we consumers have better options.
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  3. Why the hell do so many people find backtesting useless? Don't you want to CYA?
  4. Shoulda seen OV as a DOS product...sheesh.
  5. You also must own their software to be able to use their option scanning services. Not a good deal at all.
  6. Not nice people either!!!!
  7. DanFan78: no; i never said backtesting is useless; far from that.. i tried the software specifically because i want to backtest. but the data and the software they have is useless for that purpose.

    codyhopkins: nice people.. i will tell ya a story; after i posted my first message i got a phone call from my Optionvue rep; asking me why exactly i think their software was "crap". He started by asking me how i can help them improve their software; after a couple of minutes of chat and me trying to show him exactly why their software was crap, he started to show his true colors.. and i will suffice by saying that i could'nt help but go tangent (which i honestly do regret).

    iloveoptions: i like your nickname; maybe i should change mine to "i-am-obsessed-with-options" :)

    good luck everyone!
  8. Where did you post a message from which they could phone you on?
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