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    “I’ve tried several programs that were just so-so; a lot of formulas and hard to work with. I’m right brained, the artist type, and I like that OptionVue 5 is visual and that it is easy to read the graphs, see the probabilities and easy to interpret the outcomes.” A.L. – Mission, TX

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    It seems your idea of contributing is to post testimonials about OptionVue like you did in this thread. On that thread you claimed to be someone else. By the power vested in me, I therefore declare you to be a spammer.
  3. Optionvue seems to be trying the "viral marketing" approach lately.

    Does anyone really get an edge with Optionvue?
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    I actually use OptionVue and find it's analytics and tools are excellent. It's not the cheapest software out there, but I have not found any competitors that come close. They are also the only ones who have backtesting for options.
  6. Can you give an example of backtesting with options? I see this on their site, but am having trouble thinking of a way to utilize it.
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    A prime example is when you are developing a set of adjustment rules for an Iron Condor strategy.
    Back test your strategy over the course of say a year using your adjustment rules to see the outcome.