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  1. I recently purchesed the "Options Mastery" course from options university. This is supposedly a set of lessons from former floor trader Ron Ianieri. His claim is that he is upset by all the misinformation by "teachers" who never have really traded options and wanted to help people know how to understand option trading.
    The only thing he has helped is himself to my money. It's been over a month since I have paid for the courseware which, was to be delivered in 4 days, and still no delivery or response to the half dozen emails sent to the support address. I've filed a claim with my credit card company and hope to get my money back (if I'm lucky). To add insult to injury I get about three messages a week from the same email address offering other products. I'd be happy to get the product I originally ordered, or at least acknowledgement of all the inquiries I have sent in.

    I guess I learned the hard way (again), caveat emptor.
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    WOW! I get his junk mails too. It sounds good but they all sounds good until you pay for it.

    I have taken many option classes & spent thousands for the education. Now I will not pay. Especially I get my great education from thinkorswim:

    They know what they are talking about since they have many year experience as market makers.

    I was mis-informed before in some classes too. Like some education are looking for option skews or LEAP strategy. They are doing dis-service to the students.
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    Don't know the guy personally, and have never met him, but based on a friend who has known him for years, and my own experience hearing him talk, he seems genuine and sincere.

    I ordered the Volcone product a while back and found both the service and aftercare satisfactory.

    I'm not sure why you haven't received your course or had your emails answered but I'm sure there's a valid reason.

    I'll PM you his email address.

    Good luck.
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    I've dealt with this guy's products and have to agree with the email marketing.

    This isn't new, but it's an unfortunate pattern: a guy with some good experience has a good idea and then his marketing department takes that idea to some ridiculous extreme that can't possibly be maintained consistently.

    Then the company resorts to more marketing, more spam, to keep up with its expenses. In the midst of all this, the owner's original message gets lost.

    A shame, really.
  5. dupaski76,

    My name is Ron Ianieri of the Options University. I have been alerted to your post here by several clients. I am sorry that you are having problems receiving your already paid for materials. Unfortunately, neither my partner, staff, nor myself handles distribution. We have to outsource this. We have been through several different firms and always seem to have problems, not alot, but some. If you e-mail me at ron@optionsuniversity.com I will take care of your situation personally. If you want the product, fine. If you just want a refund, fine. If you want both, fine. My material is top notch and you can check that with Think or Swim if you like. Further, we have a link on the bottom of all of our e-mails allowing you to leave our mailing list. All you have to do is click on it.

    I await your reply
  6. zxcv1fu,

    Last I saw, I am the only one that Think or Swimm recommends for option education. They send many students my way and for a good reason. Just contact Steve Rathis, Don Kauffman, or Tom Sossnoff himself and ask. Doing a little resarch before making a comment can often help one avoid making potentially embarassing comments.

    As far as the "junk" mail, there is a link on the bottom of every one which allows you to unsubscribe. I suggest you click on it to do away with the unwanted mail.
  7. Neoxx,

    Thank you for the kind words which seem scarse around here! LOL!

    I do sincerely try to give my students the very best I can. Some things are out of my control but not for long once I get the word. I spent over 10 years on the floor as a market maker and was the specialist in DELL back in the early 90's when DELL was the busiest equity option book in the country. I have the experience and knowledge to help anyone at any level. I have spent and still spend a lot of time consulting hedge funds on option startegies and have done so since 2000 when I left the floor. We try to offer free webinars at least once a month and we always have very positive comments on them.

    While I really do try my best, some things do slip through the cracks as in the case of dupaski76. We always do whatever is necessary to then make it right for the person. Most accept the apology and a gift gratiously. Some post remarks no websites. Whatever, I still try to do my best. Sometimes I wish I can control it all. but I can't. I can only go my best and when something goes wrong, I do what needs to be done to make it right as I plan to with dupaski76.

    Thanks again!
  8. jevers29,

    We do try to keep the marketing a little on the light side but you know those marketing/advertising types. My message, however remains the same. I do not promise giant returns in one day off a tiny investment. I stress full understanding of option theory and strategy starting with the pricing model, greeks synthetics and then the strategies themselves. I teach not only both sides of the coin but all sides of the coin. The good, the bad, and the ugly because all invetsors and traders will run into it all during their trading years. Marketers have to grab your attention and basic, straight forward, real world stuff does not seem to get it done. You are correct sir, it really is a shame. Buy my message stays true.
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    Good job I'm very impressed with the way you've handled this situation and if more vendors where like you then MAYBE we would have more succesful traders.

    btw, Can I get your course material for free...:D :D :D

    I'll be happy to write an HONESTY review for you, I've traded options for almost 20 years ;-)
  10. well, if dupaski didnt come here complainin' about it nothin' would have happened innit?
    and dont ya think it is natural some1 should get pissed if hes waitin' an eternity for somethin' he's already paid and should have received ages ago, never mention the fact that u [and no1 else for that matter] never replied to his emails. R0R.
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