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  1. Hello,

    Does anybody has any opinions about OptionsXpress. I am presently looking to open a new account to trade options exclusively. So far, OptionsXpress is still high on my list after doing some research on 10 or 11 other brokerages.

    If you know a better firm that can offer exactly what OptionsXpress offers. Let me know. OptionsXpress allows customers to write checks or use Gold debit card to access their funds in the account. I think it's neat and time-saving. No need to transfer the funds between my personal account and trading account.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Bob777


    After trading options for 6 years and using 4 different brokers, this is the one I chose for my options trading.

    They have very fast fills. The ability to place credit or debit spreads, straddles, or covered calls with their online order entry. You can display complex strategies with their option chains. Their tools are pretty good too.