optionsXpress for futures trading

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  1. aah I see. :D
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  2. Thanks for the info.
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  3. Hi anyone knows a good futures broker which allow implementing the strategies below automatically (platform would not require online when inputted orders already)

    Place a buy and sell price with stop loss attached. If the buy is fill 1 contract eg but price retraced to the sell price, sell 2 contract, 1 for sell the inital contract the second to establish new sell. Vice versa is the sell is filled.

    Pefer the orders all built in when orders are inputted and platform need not online the whole day. Currently with IB.
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  4. How do you get price improvement when the orders are only routed to one exchange?

    Where are you receiving price improvement on futures executions?

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  5. They look expensive, period. $6.99 to start, plus exchange fees, plus (in the footnotes) $.50 transaction fee. Even E*Trade, of all places, charges less. Aside from not needing to download a platform, does Optionsxpress futures offer any advantages?
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  6. If you want to trade futures, go somewhere else. Maybe they get the options game, but for futures they lacking. I was with xpresstrade and converted - I am looking to change.
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  7. Bro, try http://www.cannontrading.com/ and tell them you want to use Gensesis http://www.genesisft.com/
    cost $50 bucks a month for Genesis and the things that you are asking - can do it

    Cannon also owns

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