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  1. I see that optionsXpress now offers futures trading. Has anyone used them for futures? If so, are they worth checking out?
  2. Bump for more info.

    They look expensive but good. I imagine they'd be too expensive for a daytrader, unless you were trading big size, and even then too expensive...

    But for a swing/short to long term trader, they look pretty damn good. I'd like to hear what anyone else has to say. They offer free check writing (which could be a double edge sword easily) and a money market sweep, so at least you don't get raped by losing interest, which is a big trading expense most people don't notice.
  3. By the way, their astronomical commissions do not include exchange fees, etc.
  4. rickf


    I use 'em for futures --- not too bad, but if you're looking to do serious scalping their platform isn't the best. If you are a swing trader or trend trader, they're okay. I've done well with them and because they're cross-platform I'm staying with them!

    They also have IMO the *best* customer service experience of any company in any industry that I can remember.
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    they are shockingingly bad - also favour the large orders, don't bother with price improvements, customer service crap.

    find yourself a decent futures and options broker
  6. Care to elaborate, if you please?
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    used them a few times for liffe trades - then started comparing quotes from another broker over the ohone who got in the spread - not just gave the liffe connect price- event though i only did a handful of liots at a time, made some good savingis

    any problems - ox take ages to sorts out. - those with big accounts get better service i was basically told and I had a good wodge with them!
  8. Thanks for the info.

    Also, what is a wodge? Not trying to be a smart ass.
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    a technical term ..

    for a nice amount of muzzer:D
  10. Do Not Use. They bought out Expresstrade and the platform is mature but it is shockingly bad. They have a myrid of web based charting options but thats all they are just charts. You can't trade on them.
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