OptionsVue and IB

Discussion in 'Options' started by Kirribilli, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Any yeas or nays on the OptionVue7 interface on IB TWS for $99 a month?
  2. nitro


    God himself couldn't talk me out of trying software for a month at the cost of $99.
  3. I tried it. The problem is that a lot of historical data requests via the API @ IB isn't the best thing invented.

    Optionsvue has the reflex to ask a lot of things quickly to check different scenarios out. Loading that data from IB isn't the best thing.

    Best is the use the optionvue data and then just manually insert your positions in optionvue and manage them from there. You have to place your orders anyway in TWS if you want to trade.

    The delta and other greeks are also very different if you use the IB datafeed or the optionvue datafeed. Something to remember.
  4. Did the Trade Finder feature work?